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Lottery Super System introduces scientific regression analysis...

Now you can examine years back into United States lottery history, and use proven scientific regression analysis methods, to find trends and numerical bias in your favorite U.S. lottery.

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Did You Know?

That's a lot of money

Over 2 billion dollars was paid to United States lottery winners in 2016 already!

Biggest Jackpot

The largest lottery jackpot ever was $1,586,400,000 (over $1.5 Billion) in the Jan 24, 2016 Powerball drawing. There were 3 winners. Runner up is a $656 Million dollar jackpot in the March 2012 Mega-Millions. There were also 3 winners.

Biggest Single Winner

Gloria MacKenzie won a $590.5 Million dollar Powerball jackpot, and was the only winner!

Talk about Lucky

Bill Morgan was in a truck accident and was technically dead for more than 14 minutes, yet revived totally fine. A year later, after proposing to his girlfriend he bought a lottery ticket and won a new car. The local TV news asked him to re-enact buying and scratcing the ticket. Amazingly, he won $170,000 with the cameras rolling.