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What is Regression Analysis?

Regression analysis is the scientific analysis of past events, looking for patterns, trends or biases as a basis for predicting future events that rely on similar conditions. When applied to a large history of winning lottery numbers, regression analysis can provide you with detailed reports about the most common numbers during a specified span of time, the most overdue numbers, pairs of numbers that hit together, and many other statistical derivations.

How does regression analysis work in Lottery Super System?

Lottery Super System gives you control of several lottery regression analysis methods. You can choose which analysis methods to apply to your favorite lottery, and then tweak the parameters. Within seconds, our powerful analysis server will run the regression analysis and return detailed results to you, along with the top 10 numbers for your search.

You don't have to play all 10 numbers; it is up to you. You have the power to mix and match the top numbers from several analysis methods if you wish, and even add a weight (confidence level) to each method. The final set of winning numbers that the analysis methods yield, becomes your Pool of Numbers. These are the numbers you will play in various combinations called a Wheel.

In Lottery Super System, you also get several wheels to choose from for each lottery. You will choose a wheel based on how many numbers are in your pool and the lottery results you are trying to achieve. For example, let's say you have 10 numbers in your pool that you want to play. And you want to guarantee yourself a lotto ticket with five winning numbers on it, as long as the six numbers drawn are amongst the 10 in your pool. In this case you would select the “Guarantee 5 if 6 hit” wheel, and you would know exactly what combination of tickets you should play. This adds a lot of value for Lottery Super System members, and is proven to increase the chances of getting the prize you desire!

The easiest and best way to learn how Lottery Super System works is to try it.

Join for free with no obligation and no strings attached!

What is the Best Number Analysis Method?

Best Number Analysis uses regression analysis to examine a specified number of past drawings, and will reveal the numbers that have won most frequently. Lottery Super System generates a detailed report showing you the best numbers to play and how good they are. This helps guide your decision on exactly how many best numbers to play.

Best Number Analysis is always a great place to start when analyzing numbers as a base for predicting future winners.

What is the Cluster Analysis Method?

Cluster Analysis uses Regression Analysis to identify and rank pairs of numbers that occur together an abnormally high percentage of the time. When you look closely at the results of the cluster analysis, you will sometimes see a number that appears in more than one hot pair. Now you have found a cluster of three, and if it stays hot you can cash in.

What is the Overdue Number Analysis Method?

Overdue Analysis is exactly what it sounds like—numbers that haven’t been drawn their fair share of the time, and thus are “due”. Probability theory states that if you have several equally random possibilities, in the long run, the percentage of times each possibility occurs will be essentially equal. Wouldn't it be good to know which lottery numbers were due, overdue, and really overdue? Overdue Number Analysis reveals the number trends before they become trends.

What are the Lucky Numbers

The Lucky Numbers is simply a way for you to add any numbers you want, for any reason, into your pool. Many players have lucky numbers they like to play and can mix in these numbers along with one or more analysis methods. Some players even play Lucky Numbers exclusively, just to take advantage of the wheeling systems we offer at Lottery Super System, and then wheel those numbers into successful tickets.

What is the "Confidence" setting?

Lottery Super System lets you combine the top results from more than one analysis method into a pool of numbers you are going to play in various combinations (the wheel). “Confidence” is another term for weighting your numbers, so you can assign a higher confidence to numbers chosen by one analysis method over another. If more than one analysis method chose the same number for the pool, the confidences are added together for that number, and it will rise to the top of the numbers listed in the pool.

For example, if you set the Confidence of Overdue Number Analysis to 3 and your Lucky Numbers to 5, then all the numbers added to your Pool from Overdue Analysis will get a confidence of 3 and your Lucky Numbers will get aconfidence of 5. If any numbers are both Overdue AND Lucky, they will get confidence of 8, and rise to the top of the Pool.

The confidence of each number in your pool plays two small but important roles, which effect the wheeling system and the final tickets you may play.

  1. When you wheel the numbers in your Pool to generate a list of lottery tickets to play, each Pool number may not appear on exactly the same number of lottery tickets, and a few of the top number in you Pool (those with the highest total confidence) will get priority to be on more tickets (usually just one ticket more than the bottom numbers in the Pool).
  2. When the list of tickets is generated by the wheel, that list of tickets is loosely ordered by the total confidence of all numbers on each ticket. This is in the case that you only want to play the top tickets of a large wheel.

What is Regression Level?

Regression level sets the number of games surveyed that you wish to go back into the history of your favorite lottery for each analysis method. Lottery Super System lets you independently set the Regression Level of each analysis method.

Winning Expectations

Lotto and lottery games offer long odds for the player, that is, it is very difficult to win, but when you do, it could be for large sums of money. Our point is that, even though we have increased your odds of winning, it will not be unusual to have long losing streaks.

CATEGORY: Questions about Membership

How much does membership cost?

Free Membership

Anyone can join Lottery Super System and start using the system for free. This is a great way to check it out and really see how cool it is, instead of taking our word for it. Try it. It really is free, and you get a lot!

Paid Subciptions

The subscription begins when we receive funds for the subscription you choose and continues until the end of that subscription period. Once the fee has been charged at the start of each subscription period, that charge is final and no refund is available. You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the My Account page and following the instructions there. Canceling your membership stops the charge at the start of your next billing cycle. Your service will continue through the end of your current term.

Monthly Subciption

After trying Lottery Super System, many free members upgrade to become monthly subscribers gaining additional benefits such as more analysis methods, access to Add-Ons and deeper regression. Monthly Subscribers pay just $4.95

Yearly Subscription

A yearly subscription is only $39.95, which is a savings of 33% compared to monthly subscribers! Yearly Subscribers get all the benefits of Monthly Subscribers, and an even deeper regression limit!

Lifetime Subscription

Pay just $225.00 one time to become a Lifetime Subscriber to get the best deal of all. You get all the benefits of Monthly and Yearly Subscribers and an incredible 250 games of regression for all analysis methods! Your membership lasts for the duration of your lifetime.


Add-Ons are purchased with a one-time payment (prices vary), and last for the duration of your Subscription or Membership. There is no refund for Add-Ons. If your paid subscription is cancelled, your Add-Ons will become inactive until you re-subscribe. You will not have to every pay for the same Add-On twice.

Is Lottery Super System a Gambling Site?

No. Lottery Super System is not a gambling site and does not accept any bets or sell any lottery tickets. Lottery Super System just helps you decide exactly which numbers you want to play.

Can I quit at any time with no penalty?

Yes, of course. You should feel safe any time you sign up and pay for anything, and Lottery Super System was designed with this in mind. Here are several reasons: (1) You can quit at any time with no penalty. (2) Your person information and email address is kept private and we will never sell or share it with anyone. (3) We do not handle or store any credit card information. Your subscription and payment info is handled by a well established secure payment gateway.

Am I guaranteed to win money if I use the system?

No. Even under favorable conditions, such as when a bias is perceived, there can be no such guarantee made when dealing with a system, such as the lottery, which is based on randomness. Luck remains your greatest ally!

Your privacy and security

All of your personal information will remain private. We never have and never will share or sell your information or email address with anyone—ever. You deserve it.

If you decide to become a paying subscriber after trying Lottery Super System for free, you can feel secure in our services. Your subscription and payment information is handled by a trusted secure payment system, which already safely handles millions of payments daily. We do not know and do not store your credit card information on our own servers.

CATEGORY: Other Questions and Information

Please Play the Lottery Responsibly

Playing the lottery is a form of gambling. You should not play the lottery with money that you can not afford to loose.

Lottery Super System is very powerful and you are able to easily generate wheels of dozens or hundreds of lottery tickets to play. Don't get carried away. These large wheels are mainly intended for groups of players, (your) research purposes, and those who can afford it.

You don't need to get carried away anyway! Lottery Super System is equally genius at creating smaller wheels of tickets for any budget. Thinking about your budget and how many tickets you want to play, before, during, and throughout your analysis research is the best approach anyway!

If you think you have a gambling problem there is a lot of help available. Please seek it if you need it.

Accuracy of data disclaimer

Lottery Super System gets its historical lottery results from a premium lottery data provider, and takes further steps to insure the integrity of the lottery results before we add it to our growing analysis database. We do not guarantee all of our results data is correct or complete for each and every game. We strive for perfection, and if something is found wrong, we will attempt to fix it. Some lottery games have changed and some are new, and the historical data may not go back as far as the regression you want.

Lottery Super System Features & Screens

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Choose any popular lotter in any region to analyze.
Powerful settings let you control how to analyze the data, and how many games back into history to analyze.
Each analysis method gives you detailed graphical results.
Combine the top results from any number of analysis methods. The numbers you want go into your pool.
The numbers with the highest total confidence float to the top of your Pool.
You can eliminate numbers from your pool just by clicking on them. This helps find a wheel with the results you want, within the budget you can afford.
Before you Run the Wheel, you get detailed information showing you exactly what results to expect.
A sophisticated wheeling system, shows a series of lottery tickets to play. You can email or text it to yourself with one click.